Gonzalo Peschiera

Gonzalo Peschiera on mapple skis


Nationality: Peruvian

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 215 lbs

Training place: Greater Miami Ski Club


  • 2012 Latin America Champion in Peru
  • 2011 3rd Place Latin America in Mexico
  • 2010 5th Place Panamerican Championship in Chile
  • 2009 3rd Place Latin America in Argentina
  • 2008 Latin America Champion in Dominican Republic
  • 2006 Latin America Champion and record holder 1.5 at 10.75 in Chile


I started to waterski in Peru 40 years ago, my Dad was my mentor and trainer, we used to ski in the ocean early morning to avoid strong winds coming into the Paracas Bay South of Lima, we had beautiful water conditions but needed to wake up early morning due to strong winds in the afternoon, skied all morning and then had a huge breakfast back at the beach house.

After moving to Miami and joining the Greater Miami Ski Club I decided to get better and instead of just skiing I decided to participate in tournaments and was lucky to represent Peru in most of the International Tournaments, I contacted my ski buddy Henrik Laursen and asked him to help me get better, we skied together and also Chet Riley helped me a whole bunch as well. I was able to ski 3 to 4 times a week and competed in Miami, Orlando and West Palm Beach plus International events all over South America.

Got my first Latin America record with a Sixam ski in Chile in 2006 with a 1.5 at 10.75 and have not stop skiing ever since and always looking for better skis and ski partners. Lately I have been skiing with Juan Antonio Alvarez and Arturo Nelson in Miami.

Have qualified to compete at the Big Dawg series since 2010.

I have a Mapple 6.0 ski now and feel that I could get better, the ski is awesome, maintains the speed thru the edge change, angle and speed behind the boat, looking forward to ski my personal best!